I tried out some new products!


A couple nights ago, I got to take an earlier shower than usual and I decided to try out some new (and old) products and pamper myself a bit.

The first thing I tried was this new coffee scented sugar scrub by Asquith and Somerset.

To be honest, I really don’t like coffee. But I do like the way coffee scented products smell and this stuff smelled wonderful. It also gave me the smoothest, silky-est legs ever.

Next, I washed my face with my usual Konjac sponge, I don’t use any particular brand of these, just whatever I find at T.J. Maxx.

After my shower, I tried my new face mask for dry, sensitive skin. I’m not certain what the brand of it is, but it worked great.

It didn’t smell the best, it had an almost medicinal scent, but it made my skin feel much less dry and irritated.


I took a random picture of me wearing the mask, just for fun.

After my mask, I used my usual Coconut Face Mist by Pearlessence and the combination of the two has really helped my skin a lot for the past few days.

The last new thing I tried, was this tooth powder by in Vitamin.


It’s made with bamboo charcoal and clay, it’s supposed to help whiten your teeth.

When you use it, it makes your teeth all black and scary like a horror film!

It may be my imagination, but my teeth do seem to be a tiny bit whiter since I started using it.

That’s all the new things I’ve tried (at least for now). Have you tried any new products recently?

Love Dallas


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