The Gemina Problem

Let’s talk about Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s book Gemina


I have to start off by saying that I loved both Illuminae and Gemina a lot. Illuminae was probably the most original book that I have read in a long time.

In case you have never read either book here’s a short description of them:

The Illuminae series is set in outer space some time in the future, where people live on different planets and on space stations. Both books are about two different, but connected groups fighting against an evil organization (BeiTech).

Doesn’t seem too original, right?

The really cool thing about these books is the way they are written. The story is told through a series of text conversations, reports, journal entries, and descriptions of video footage. And those are just the few ways I remember off the top of my head.

So, Gemina was (in my opinion) even better than Illuminae. I connected with both of the main characters better than I did in Illuminae. (Which was my biggest complaint about the first book).                                                                                                                                                                                                   My problem with Gemina is in a tiny detail in the plot.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t read Gemina yet, go no further!

So, toward the end of the book we find out that the Nik who died is actually Nik from an alternate world who switched places with the real Nik. And the world is going to destroy itself unless the the two Niks go back to their respective worlds.

The book makes a big point of saying that everything from the alternate world must go back, so Nik’s body, the Betty Boop spaceship, and the corsage all must be sent back.

But the authors forgot an item.

Right before alternate world Nik dies, as Hanna and him are running away he makes the comment that he needs to quit smoking and she replies that she might be more willing to kiss him again if he did. So he tosses his carton of cigarettes away.

It’s a cute scene that I laughed at when I read it. But, I realised later when Hanna is taking alternate world Nik’s body, the Betty Boop, and the corsage to make the exchange for the real Nik that it wasn’t going to work without the carton of cigarettes.

To my surprise, it did work.

I went back and checked, and Nik definitely had the cigarettes right before he got on the Betty Boop and the exchange happened. And I couldn’t imagine that it was a new pack that he pilfered from somewhere during all the chaos and fighting going on after the exchange.

I may be wrong or I may have overlooked something, but if I didn’t, then the ending of Gemina never should have worked.

This post is a lot longer than I expected it to be, but I get really passionate when I talk about really good books. And Gemina is a great book despite the flaw in the plot. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi.

If you have any theories about it or just want to discuss these books I’d love to hear them, and talk about it in the comments!

Love Dallas


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