A Colorful Day

I had a relaxing and colorful day.


Today I decided, since the weather was so bad, to do something fun and relaxing. So, coloring seemed like the perfect choice.

I got this new coloring calendar for Christmas, and today I spent almost all day working on the first picture for January.


I’ve always loved to color, ever since I was very small. Some of my best memories from my childhood are listening to the Harry Potter audio books and coloring. So, I was so happy when coloring books for adults became a thing.


This calendar is an especially nice one. As soon as I started coloring I noticed how bright the colors were, because the paper is such high quality.


The hot air balloon reminded me of stained glass, so I chose super bright colors for it.

As someone with no talent for drawing, I love coloring as it lets me be artistic without having to draw the picture.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                                                                             Love Dallas

P.S. On a side note what is everyone thinking about Ed Sheeran’s new singles? I’m liking them both so far😊


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